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Rex Ryan allegedly once joked about his foot fetish when given autographed Heather Locklear poster


(not the actual poster referenced)

In a new book released on Tuesday, “Collision Low Crossers: A Year Inside the Turbulent World of NFL Football,” a story that is so good it must be true about New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan and his apparent foot fetish made the cut.

The excerpt, that details how Ryan once received an autographed Heather Locklear poster (talk about a blast from the past and no reason is provided as to why in the excerpt — although college graduation era Rex Ryan surely would have enjoyed it) and joked about one way in which the poster was glaringly not up to snuff in his eyes is relayed.

Apparently, upon taking a gander at the poster, an exchange occurred between Ryan and Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine. Screengrab via The Big Lead:


Zing! I suppose it could be worse. Instead of bemoaning the fact that the autographed Heather Locklear poster was disappointing because she had her shoes on, Ryan could have instead complained about the presence of shoes in an autographed poster from Locklear’s “T.J. Hooker” co-star William Shatner. That would have been truly awkward. Adrian Zmed? Sure. But not Bill Shatner.

And still, Heather Locklear, man. As Wayne and Garth once said, “Schwing!”