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Alex Rodriguez’s lawyers amend MLB lawsuit to include pic of Bud Selig posing with kid in ‘A-Roid’ shirt


Just when you thought the Alex Rodriguez-Major League Baseball kerfuffle couldn’t get any dumber, Alex Rodriguez’s legal team pulls a stunt like this … and totally redeem themselves!

Okay, not really, this simply is another sad chapter in the sad tale of the legal battle between the MLB and Alex Rodriguez as the two sides bicker over the legitimacy of the league’s 211-game suspension of the New York Yankees slugger.

As you may recall, A-Rod reportedly swore, pounded on the table and abruptly left an arbitration hearing last week, apparently over his unhappiness that Commissioner Bud Selig wouldn’t be compelled to testify during the hearing.

This prompted A-Rod’s legal team to amend its lawsuit against Selig and Major League Baseball. The amended complaint, filed in federal court in Manhattan, now includes the following statement, according to an ESPN New York report: “Mr. Selig lacked the courage of his convictions to explain under oath the reasons for the suspension and the conduct of the investigation.”

But what makes the amended filing that much more sadly hilarious is Rodriguez’s army of attorneys included the above photo in its filings.

The photo, from a FanFest event prior to the All-Star Game in St. Louis in 2009, features a smiling Selig posing for a photo with a youngster wearing a shirt that reads “A*Roid.”

The amended complaint includes the following allegation regarding the photo:

“Sadly, this cowardly stance by Mr. Selig is consistent with his past and highly inappropriate conduct in posing, smilingly, with a young fan wearing a T-shirt with a derogatory message directed at Mr. Rodriguez,” the amended complaint reads.

“One cannot imagine the commissioner of any other professional sport — or indeed CEO of any business — doing something similar with respect to one of his or her players or employees.”

Compelling argument. But who’s to say that Selig even was aware of the message on the kid’s shirt, let alone understand the meaning behind it. Selig has never seemed to be the quickest guy when it comes to thinking on his feet. Maybe the Commish simply thought it was short for “Ass Hemorrhoid,” not a play on Alex Rodriguez’s moniker in order to insinuate his use of PEDs.

Hey, it’s possible. Or maybe Bud believed it to be a reference to the classic video game “Asteroids.” Why not, right?

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