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Comedian Pete Holmes conducts extremely awkward interview with Lolo Jones for talk show (video)

This Pete Holmes guy may be on to something. For the second time in the short history of his fledgling late night talk show (appropriately named “The Pete Holmes Show”) that airs on TBS following Conan O’Brien, Holmes conducted a truly absurd interview with a high-profile athlete.

A few weeks ago, it was Houston Rockets star James Harden and most recently, Holmes interviewed Olympic track and field star-turned-Olympic bobsledding hopeful Lolo Jones. It’s fairly awkward and pretty entertaining.

Jones is more than capable of making some serious public missteps — most notably courtesy of her unfiltered approach to Twitter, but in this segment, she plays the role of good sport perfectly.

Of course, Jones’ much ballyhooed virginity is addressed, as well as a discussion of what constitutes “third base” and how Lolo doesn’t quite understand the concept.

The interview ends with an awkward embrace. Fitting, and pretty solid stuff.