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Minnesota Gophers using ‘Dramatic Chipmunk’ video to distract opponents on field goal attempts (pic)


In a brilliantly devised concept, the Minnesota Golden Gophers football team busted out a novel way to try to distract kickers on opposing teams as they line up for field goals.

During Saturday’s Big Ten tilt against the Wisconsin Badgers with Paul Bunyan’s Axe on the line, the folks operating the video boards at TCF Bank Stadium aired the “Dramatic Chipmunk” video that reached mega-viral status several years ago on the Internet.

As you can see above, as Wisconsin’s plackicker Jack Russell — in an animal-themed post, it warrants pointing out that yes, the Badgers kicker shares a name with a breed of terrier — lined up for a field goal, the videoboard showed the immensely popular “Dramatic Chipmunk.”

Bravo. A BTN report indicates that this video gambit has been ready to roll all season but Saturday was the first time it was utilized, but a Minnesota spokesman indicated the team intends to use it more often in the future.

For what it’s worth, as Dr. Saturday astutely points out, the rodent in question in the viral video is a chipmunk, not a gopher, but that’s simply splitting hairs on an otherwise cleverly executed concept.

And for what it’s worth, Jack Russell was 1-for-2 on field goal attempts in Wisconsin’s 20-7 win over Minnesota.

(image via @LostLettermen)