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Mark Sanchez hopes he and his ‘bionic’ arm are back with the New York Jets next season


Sporting a stocking cap that made it difficult to discern whether or not he still is rocking the cornrows that made waves on the Internet last Friday, rehabbing New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez made a public appearance at a New Jersey soup kitchen on Tuesday and made a point to stress that he hopes he gets one more crack at Gang Green’s starting quarterback job once he’s 100% healthy, presumably next season.

Some have speculated that Sanchez’s time with the team is all but over, the 27-year-old says there’s nowhere else he’d rather be than with the Jets and that he still has a future with the team.

“Absolutely. There’s no doubt about that,” Sanchez said in a soup kitchen at a at a Morristown, N.J. church, according to a Newsday report. “It’s been a dream come true to play here and I don’t want to go anywhere else. So that’s for sure. I know I have (three) years left [on my contract] and I don’t ever want that to end.

“I love being a Jet. And I plan on being here.”

While that may be Sanchez’s plans, that doesn’t mean it’s what the Jets are planning, although Geno Smith struggling mightily during his stint as the Jets signal-caller may make the option of keeping Sanchez on the roster just in case that much more attractive.

Sanchez reported stated that “now isn’t the time” to discuss his long-term future with the team with the front office given the fact he won’t be healthy until at least after the conclusion of the season. Currently rehabbing a surgically repaired torn labrum, Sanchez doesn’t see any reason why his return won’t be successful. He reportedly said he hasn’t experienced “any hiccups” during his rehab.

“I’ll be back better than ever,” he said.

Part of his optimism may stem from the reports that his arm strength should return. In fact, Sanchez used the word “bionic” to describe it.

“The way things are coming along, it sounds like I’ll be bionic,” Sanchez said. “I don’t wanna say like, [comeback player] of the year, but hopefully something like that, where you come back better.”

Big words from a player clearly confident in his abilities. And yet, “better than ever” — keeping the Buttfumble’s one-year anniversary in mind — may not be as convincing a statement as Sanchez believes it to be and there’s no reason to suspect that it will help sway Jets fans — nor the team’s front office — to clamor for his return.

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