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Reacting to Kobe’s extension, Dwyane Wade says he hopes to finish career with the Miami Heat


The big NBA news on Monday was Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers agreeing to a two-year contract extension. The development makes it all the more likely that Kobe Bryant will spend his entire career as a member of one organization, a less-and-less common occurrence in the free agency era.

Reacting to the news, Miami Heat longtime superstar Dwyane Wade said he envisions a scenario where he too will retire from the NBA having played every game for one team.

Wade, who is a spry 31 years old (as evidenced by his cartwheeling videobomb of LeBron James on Monday — a grizzled veteran by NBA standards — can become a free agent next summer, realizes that while anything can happen, he hopes to retire as a member of the Miami Heat.

“I’ve got a long way to go,” Wade said on Monday while reacting to the news of Kobe’s contract extension, according to a Sun-Sentinel report. “It’s great for a guy like [Bryant]. You feel proud obviously to be able to say that. It doesn’t happen for everyone. But Kobe will always be forever looked at as a Laker and loved so much.”

Wade, who has won three championships in Miami after being drafted out of Marquette by the Heat with the fifth overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft, reportedly stated that he hoped to play his entire career with the Heat ever since he signed his first contract extension. And in doing so, would join all the NBA greats who spent the entirety of their career with one team.

“That’s something that I strived for, was to hopefully become one of those guys,” Wade said. “It’s not many. I’ve got years left to go but I would love to be one of those.”

Whether or not the Heat and Wade can come to an agreement before he hits free agency remains to be seen, but given that Wade appears to be wearing down with injuries seemingly taking more and more of a toll in light of hard-nosed, fearless manner in which he plays the game, an extension of a few years may just do the trick.