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Check yourself, Chris Bosh: Dwyane Wade videobombs LeBron James with carwheels (video)

Following the Miami Heat’s 107-92 triumph over the Phoenix Suns at AmericanAirlines Arena on Monday, Dwyane Wade proved that Chris Bosh isn’t the only player on the Heat roster (see here, here and here) capable of showing off mad videobomb skills.

Wade chose his moment as LeBron James was being interviewed by Sun Sports’ Jason Jackson. During the exchange between player and reporter, Wade did some cartwheels behind the two, displaying some pretty nifty gymnastic moves. You know, for an old guy. Yep, 31 can be considered old in the NBA.

Also worth noting: James finished with 35 points in the victory, but did so with only 14 shots from the field. LeBron was 11-14 and 11-11 from the free throw line. Pretty impressive, indeed, but not as impressive as D-Wade’s cartwheels.