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Bubba Watson shot an 81 at a course in October while using only one club


Bubba Watson is the man. That goes without saying and no argument is needed. He is a square peg in a world of golf where round holes aren’t only the ultimate goal but also an indication of how most players conform to the constraints of how a golfer is expected to act, behave and conduct themselves, both on and off the course.

That’s why Bubba Watson has been such a refreshing change of pace on the PGA Tour. Not only for his madcap antics away from the course (e.g., hovercraft golf carts, routine displays of silliness with his PGA Tour colleagues, being a member of the Golf Boys and the list goes on and on) but also for how he appears to treasure every moment he is granted to play the game which he loves for absurd amounts of money.

And now, another story has surfaced which illustrates why Bubba is one of the most compelling characters on the PGA Tour.

Watson, apparently caught up in a moment of boredom, decided to play a round in October while employing only one club and three balls. And still shot an 81.

The amazing round sans a full compliment of clubs was played at the Pelican Hill Golf Club in California. Bubba had three balls and a 20-degree hybrid. That’s it. And yep, still shot a freaking 81.

As relayed by Tim Mitchell on a story for Golf WRX:

Are you wondering if Bubba’s other 13 clubs were hijacked on the way to the course? I know I did. But Bubba told one of our staff members that he sometimes gets bored using 14 clubs, and occasionally wants to challenge his shot making skills by playing a round with only one club.

In impressive fashion, Bubba shot 81 on the Tom Fazio-designed, par-72 championship golf course. That’s a wonderful illustration of what excelling at the game of golf is really about: having multiple skill sets that give any golfer the ability to control the golf ball with whatever club they have in their hands and whatever swing they bring to the course.

Unbelievable. There’s virtually no chance that I could hit an 81 on the front nine of a championship course with only a hybrid in the bag, a sentiment similarly echoed by Eye on Golf’s Kyle Porter. And three balls? That wouldn’t fly for me, either, unless there wasn’t any water on the course. Or trees. Or out of bounds. You see where I’m going with this bit.

But I suppose those are the kind of things that separate me from Bubba Watson. Well, that, the international fame, fortune and success, not to mention the General Lee.