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Rookie Trey Burke pranked by Utah Jazz teammates, guys hold back as he runs on court alone (GIF)

Utah Jazz rookie Trey Burke appeared in his first NBA game on Thursday night and his fellow teammates had a funny and harmless little prank planned for him as the team took the court for pregame warm-ups.

As Burke jogged out, the rest of the Jazz players held back, leaving the young kid standing all by himself.

It’s funny because no one was bullied or taped to something or even worse, injured. Those are the best kind of pranks, you see.

Burke finished with 11 points, one assist, one steal and no turnovers in 12 minutes of action in a losing effort to the New Orleans Pelicans. Since the game was at New Orleans Arena, it’s a shame the Jazz players didn’t think to include nightmare fuel mascot Pierre the Pelican in their silly antics. Actually, on second thought, that would have qualified as bullying. Or whatever you want to call it. Either way, doing such a thing would have been unfairly terrifying for Burke.

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