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Blatant Homerism

Ricky Rubio meets up with Selena Gomez at Target Center, stars pose for picture together (photo)

Pop star princess Selena Gomez entertained her fanatical tweener fan base (that’s who listens to her music, right?) at the Target Center in Minneapolis on Thursday night on a stop in her “Stars Dance Tour 2013.”

In a coincidence, Ricky Rubio, whose Minnesota Timberwolves had an off night to lick their wounds after dropping two straight on back-to-back nights on Tuesday and Wednesday, just so happened to be at the T’Wolves’ the home arena Thursday evening and ran into Gomez. Was he there taking care of some basketball-related activities or attending the concert? Hard to say for sure, but Rubio did once attend a Justin Bieber concert at Target Center (and wore a backpack for some time that featured the Bieberster as well — but that was more of a hazing thing).

The two snapped a photo together, Rubio tweeted it, and there you go.

Although I’m unsure as to the current relationship status of either of these stars (Gomez has gone splitsville from Bieber, right?), wouldn’t they make a great super couple? They are close in age (Gomez is 21 while Rubio is only 23), are both considered attractive and are similarly charismatic and talented in their respective professions.

Even better, we would have to come up with a clever name for the couple. How about “Gomio” or “Ruibiez”? Man, those are terrible, man, just terrible.

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