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Chiefs linebacker James-Michael Johnson replaces 300 turkeys stolen from homeless shelter


When Kansas City Chiefs linebacker James-Michael Johnson learned that 300 turkeys had been stolen from a homeless shelter in his hometown of Fairfield, Calif., he saw it as an opportunity to give back and help benefit those less fortunate.

Approximately 300 turkeys were stolen from Mission Solano, and founder Ron Marlette couldn’t believe that somebody could sink to commit such a outrageously horrible act.

“The people that come here … hope begins with a meal at Mission Solano,” he said, according to a KCTV-5 Kansas City report. “And that is stealing hope from people in my opinion.”

Seriously, what kind of sick person does something like that? But, thankfully for the shelter and the people it serves, that’s when Johnson stepped in.

“I figured I am in a situation where I can help, where I can give back, so that is something I wanted to do,” Johnson said.

Shutdown Corner notes that Johnson, 24, a fourth-round pick in the 2012 draft by the Cleveland Browns, earns a $496,000 annual salary and that to purchase 300 turkeys would cost around $10,000. But it isn’t the proportion of Johnson’s salary that he ponied up that makes this such a heartwarming story.  As the shelter’s founder said, hope was stolen from people who have little else in the world than that invaluable but immeasurable commodity.

Well done, Mr. Johnson. A simple act that will make some folks who deserve a little something to brighten their outlook. And a full belly on Thanksgiving.