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Either Santonio Holmes is wearing really freaky-deaky red contact lenses or… (photo)

Great photo posted to the interwebs via the Twitter account of ESPN New York reporter Jane McManus of New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes fielding questions from the media in front of his locker on Thursday.

And yes, according to Ms. McManus, those are indeed red contact lenses, much like the ones Washington Nationals superstar Bryce Harper wore a few years back — as have other athletes.

So, red contacts it is … although rumor has it Holmes had an absurd amount of Cheetos dust on his fingers, kept finishing up every answer with either “man” or “dude” and repeatedly asked people if they knew his HBO Go password so he could watch “Game of Thrones” on his iPad*.

Not that we should take either of those things as meaning anything.

(*none of those things are true at all, but it would be cooler if they were … man)