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Kirk Hinrich is ridiculously photogenic, Nate Robinson looks crazy in perfectly timed screengrab (pic)


During Thursday night’s game between the Chicago Bulls and Denver Nuggets at Pepsi Center, a sequence of events on the court, a well-placed cameraman¬† and one savvy reddit user came together to create an absolutely brilliant image.

As Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich and Nuggets guard Nate Robinson tussled for a loose ball near the baseline, a perfectly timed pause on a television resulted in the above screengrab.

Fantastic. Hinrich’s ridiculously photogenic pose rivals that of Notre Dame running back Cam McDaniel, who shot to Internet fame last month courtesy of this perfectly timed photograph.

And Robinson? He just looks crazy. But in the nicest, funniest way possible. He must have really wanted possession of that ball, man.

[H/T The Nosebleeds]