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Woman has ‘fallen in love’ with Peyton Manning, shows devotion with body paint uniform (SFW photo)

Meet Natasha Kizmet. According to her Twitter bio, she is a “Sexy, funny and talented ! Model / Professional Dancer / Actress / Blogger.” She has also developed a bit of a crush on Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

She writes on her website that she has “fallen in love” with the Broncos QB, so to properly demonstrate her profound feelings for Manning, the Denver resident got in contact with body painting artist Alan Anderson at Colorado Skin Works, and the rest, as they say, is nude body painting of a football uniform history. Actually, I doubt anyone has ever said that. But now they can.

Kizmet explains her decision to strip down and get painted up as follows: “I took it all off to express myself in a very artistic way!”

And for those worried about the relative appropriateness of the photo of Kizmet modeling her Peyton Manning body paint uniform, she adds, “Don’t worry, this pic is very slightly edited to make it PC!” Good to know.


Love the shoes. What I would give to see Peyton rocking those during a game.

Regardless, a Peyton Manning uniform has never looked better. One could say that Natasha Kizmet’s decision to do this was kismet. You know, if one wanted to say something stupid.

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