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Here’s a timeline depicting evolving hairstyles of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning (pic)


With the New England Patriots hosting the Denver Broncos this weekend at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough in a Sunday Night Football matchup, much of the talk has centered around the quarterback match-up between super signal callers Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

Sure, stats could be broken down, like how the two have fared in head-to-head match-ups over the years and all that other boring stuff, but Sports Illustrated took QB comparisons to another level by comparing how the hairstyles of the first ballot Hall of Famers have evolved over the years.


(click to enlarge)

Rich and compelling. My initial reaction is that Brady, not surprisingly, given how much attention is routinely given his hair, holds an edge in the hairstyle department over the years. Many more fashion-forward styles, risks and changes.

Manning’s hairdos, meanwhile, are much more conventional and resemble the options, especially in earlier years before his hairline begins to recede, one would have been presented with when visiting a barber shop in 1955. “Pick any one of the ten up there, kid, and nothing else.”

With all that in mind, my prediction for the game? Uh, style over substance. Patriots 30, Broncos 27. Or some other outcome.

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