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Ronda Rousey gives Miesha Tate the finger over and over during competition (GIFs)

During Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Ultimate Fighter” on FOX Sports 1, team captains Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate engaged in a wall climbing exhibition where the winner received $1,000 for themselves and $1,500 for each of their fighters.

The race to the top was a competitive one and by the looks of it, Rousey’s competitive juices, one could say, boiled over quite a bit as she frequently employed the middle finger salute towards her opponent and bitter UFC rival during their respective ascents.

To utilize an oft-used sports cliche, these two don’t like each other very much, especially in the case of the outright hostility Rousey demonstrates towards Tate, who the champ will fight on Dec. 28 title at UFC 168.

And the barrage of middle fingers didn’t end once Rousey edged Tate in the wall climbing competition, as she employed the double-barreled middle finger move repeatedly as the two were lowered to the floor.

Once the above tweet was disseminated, Rousey was summarily hammered on Twitter and social media for her outlandish hand gesture antics, but if you ask me, it’s good theater. Are people really that offended by the middle finger anymore? Seems pretty tame to me. Would people prefer it if the two stripped down to their underwear and engaged in a tickle fight? Wait. Don’t answer that.

So, Rousey flipped Tate the bird a few times. What’s the big deal? Then again, it’s not very ladylike, but neither is beating another woman senseless in the Octagon, so there you go.

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