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Letters Tiger Woods received from Stanford and Augusta National from years ago surface (photos)


In a strange coincidence, two letters Tiger Woods received as a much younger man than he is today recently have surfaced on the Internet.

The first is the recruiting letter he received from Stanford University dated, March 28, 1989 — when Tiger was only 14 years old — in which the coach of the golf team states his case why Tiger should attend the school (via Business Insider):


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The coach clearly made a convincing argument for why Tiger should attend that particular institute of higher learning. You know, because Tiger did in fact attend Stanford. Makes sense, right? Although it’s not like we are privy to any other recruiting letters Tiger may or may not have received. Because who knows if Le Cordon Bleu tried recruiting Tiger, although the school’s lack of a golf program may have been a tough thing to overcome. Huh.

Moving on, the second letter making its way around the interwebs is one Eldrick “Tiger” Woods received from Augusta National shortly after he competed as an amateur at the 1995 Masters.


Dated April 27, 1995 and written by then-Augusta National Chairman Jack Stephens, the letter congratulates the 19-year-old Woods for not only how he played (he shot three 72s and a 77) but also for how he conducted himself both on and off the course.

As Eye on Golf points out, it was only two short years later that Tiger won the first of four green jackets. It’s been quite a while since he won the last one — 2005 — but who’s to say defending champion Adam Scott won’t be draping another one on his shoulders next spring?

Either way, the letters do provide an interesting trip back in time and how even as far back as 1989, Tiger Woods — make that Eldrick “Tiger” Woods — was on the golf world’s radar and how those in the know realized that he was a once-in-a-generation talent.

Both letters are on display at the Tiger Woods Center at Nike World Headquarters in Oregon.

(Note: If you really are looking for a truly epic blast from the Tiger Woods’ past, check out his high school prom photo)