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Meet Jade, San Antonio Spurs guard Danny Green’s very large pet snake (video)

San Antonio Spurs guard Danny Green has a pet snake. It is a really, really big snake. Her name — at least I’m assuming it is female — is Jade and it is a Columbian Red Tail boa constrictor. Jade is seven feet long and enjoys the outdoors, so Green will take Jade out of her cage and let her roam his backyard. A fenced backyard, it should be noted. Good call.

Green, in a clip from an episode of “NBA Inside Stuff,” explains that an NBA players hectic travel schedule makes it difficult to have a pet dog or cat or any other mammal due to their reliance on his or her owner. Snakes and reptiles, on the other hand, apparently are much more self-sufficient and are able to fend for themselves for days and days without any human care. I suppose all it takes is to feed it a couple rats and a snake is good to go.

That still doesn’t mean I intend on ever having a pet snake. I did have a pet iguana for a few years in my college days. His name was “The Maestro,” you know, after the Beastie Boys song. He was pretty awesome but he got too big and I had to give him away. Somehow, I suspect that Green wouldn’t have taken issue with just how big The Maestro was getting.

That concludes this portion of “Jason Rowan Presents a Personal Story About A Pet” as part of the latest installment of the “Sportress of Blogitude’s Wild Kingdom.” Carry on.

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