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Ahmad Brooks declines offer from Ray Lewis and Tedy Bruschi to help pay $16K fine


On Wednesday, the NFL announced that it had fined San Francisco 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks $15,750 for his hit on New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees during last Sunday’s game. Both Brooks and Brees — and seemingly everyone else — had differing and varying views on whether or not a personal foul penalty should have been called, much less whether or not the play rose to the level of it meriting a fine.

Two former NFL stars — Ray Lewis and Tedy Bruschi — were in Brooks’ camp, arguing that the hit was a clean one. Both players even went so far as to say they would be willing to open up their own wallets and help Brooks pay the fine should he receive one.

Well, now that Brooks was in fact fined, he reportedly has politely declined the offers from Lewis and Bruschi, reportedly indicating that he intended to appeal the fine.

In a strange confluence of NFL Insider reporting, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen apparently originally was informed of news on Wednesday by Seth Markman, a senior NFL producer also employed by ESPN (who goes by @tunaweasel on Twitter, it’s worth noting). Weird, wild stuff.  You see, as noted by’s Dan Hanzus — in a pretty snarky column, I might add), Lewis and Bruschi are also employed by The Worldwide Leader in Sports.

That ESPN. Quite the incestuous little operation they have up there in Bristol.

But seriously, @tunasweasel? The heck?