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Smells like … victory: Derek Jeter unveils new men’s fragrance named ‘Rush’

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Much like Cosmo Kramer, New York Yankees veteran Derek Jeter had long-held dreams of one day becoming a fragrance millionaire. With the launch of his third cologne, “Rush,” in a partnership with AVON, those dreams have been more than likely fully realized.

Jeter got in the fragrance game way back in 2006. Since then, he has released the colognes “Driven” and “Driven Black” to much fanfare and presumably lots and lots of purchases by women who want their significant others to smell like Jeter.

As far as how the name “Rush” was arrived at? If you were wondering if the eau de cologne was an ode to the Canadian prog rockers of the same, well, you’d be way off. Unfortunately.

“Drive. Determination. They’re some of the characteristics I live my life by, my career by,” Jeter said. “Rush captures the exhilaration and energy I get right before I play.”

And while his big league baseball career may be nearing its end, Jeter is busying himself with pursuits outside the lines, such as getting in on the publishing business.

But as far as cologne is concerned, AVON is where it’s at for The Captain. Here’s Jeter on his partnership with AVON (via People):

“It’s really been a true partnership. Avon let me be a part of the creative process — designing the bottle, coming up with the scent,” Jeter shared of the cologne which features notes of Italian mandarin, cool blue mint and sandalwood. “This has been a learning process for me as well. It’s probably one of the last things I thought I’d be doing … mixing the potions and coming up with a scent. The whole brand is a reflection of who I am.”

Ooh, Italian mandarin, cool blue mint and sandalwood? Wow. Jeter ain’t messing around.

However, in the past, however, Jeter’s teammates were the ones messing around, as he said they used to razz him about his being in the cologne business, even though Jeter says after some friendly ribbing, they always asked for some.

In a big group, [my teammates] don’t really ask me about it. They teased me about it originally, but then when we are one-on-one, they ask me for some,” Jeter said. “Women tell me they like it for their boyfriends and husbands. Guys don’t say it in big groups. They tell me on the sly. I think guys get embarrassed to talk about it. I don’t think it’s a topic of conversation among most guys.”

And why not? Everybody — even the manliest of men — want to smell good, why not ballplayers? And it’s got notes of Italian mandarin, cool blue mint and sandalwood, for crying out loud. So you know it’s good.

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