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Washington Redskins fan reveals that team’s struggles left him with erectile dysfunction


The season for the Washington Redskins has not gone as planned, and that’s putting it mildly. In fact, it’s been a complete disaster. The Redskins, the pontificating NFL experts, as well as the team’s fans all expected — especially in light of Robert Griffin III’s remarkably speedy comeback from knee surgery that left him presumably ready and raring to go for Week 1– much better than a tremendously underwhelming 3-7 record at this stage of the season.

Things have gotten so bad for the Redskins — and we’re not even discussing the relentless and never-ending coverage of the ever-evolving controversy surrounding the team’s name — that Santana Moss has called out RG3, saying the quarterback needs to take more accountability as it relates to the team’s struggles.

But if you think it’s bad for the players right now, you haven’t heard about one fan’s embarrassing and very personal problem that he believes stems from the Redskins’ miserable season , something he freely admitted to radio hosts Holden and Danny on Tuesday during the broadcast of their show on 106.7 The Fan.

The hosts posed the following question to listeners: How have the Redskins ruined your life?

Several callers explained just how the team is making life difficult, but one listener, Dave in Waldorf, willingly, openly and without any sense of shame, disclosed just how bad things have gotten for him.

The comically embarrassing exchange, via CBS DC (by way of Kissing Suzy Kolber):

“Now listen, I’m gonna tell y’all how they messed me up, man,” Dave said. “I put my heart and soul into these Redskins, man. The other day my girl wanted to have sex with me, I couldn’t even do it bruh. I’m just so hurt with these Redskins.”

“Hold on, you turned down sex because of the Redskins?” Holden asked.

“I think I’ve got ED or something man. I don’t know,” Dave said. “It’s because of these Redskins, man, I can’t do it.”

Good grief. To experience ED is one thing, to admit it on a radio show is another. If you experience a profound sense of malaise following another Redskins loss that lasts more than three hours, consult your physician.

On the other hand, maybe Dave is simply using the Redskins as a scapegoat and his troubles lie in something else entirely.

Actually, there’s already too much information floating around about Dave in Waldorf’s bedroom issues. No need to further examine it.