Sportress of Blogitude

Hey everyone, check out the Sportress of Blogitude’s snazzy site redesign


After over four years and over 9,000 posts, the time for change had arrived. And while it served me and the site well, the traditional blog format has been essentially abandoned for a new, highfalutin magazine-style format.

By clicking through to the homepage, you will see how things have changed, ever so slightly. Or a lot, depending on one’s point of view.

Up top, five of the bigger stories of the previous days and weeks are given top-billing. Underneath that is a news ticker for all the current news, which is followed by a “Featured Stories” section. Between those three areas, there should be little to no trouble finding the most current stories.

However, should that somehow not be the case, there is a column down the middle of the homepage. Referred to as “The Latest,” the list includes the twelve most current posts published on the Sportress. The site’s most popular post over the past few weeks are located in the right sidebar.

The homepage also has sections dedicated to the sports most often discussed on the site, with the most relevant sports (currently, NFL, then the NBA and NHL) slotted from top to bottom. Those will change locations as the calendar changes from winter to spring to summer. Sections dedicated to college football and basketball are located in the right sidebar.

Tabs for each sport are located directly below the Sportress of Blogitude header logo, so click through there for sport-specific posts.

Obviously, we are not trying to reinvent the wheel here and it’s not like most folks couldn’t figure this out on their own, I nevertheless felt it necessary to at least briefly address the redesign. Hopefully, it’s not too much of a change and that the it makes for a more pleasant reading experience. Please let me know your thoughts, comments, suggestions, criticisms and so on via the Contact form that can be found via a tab directly above the SoB’s logo or by emailing me at

Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by.