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Uh-oh, Carmelo Anthony is starting to refer to himself in the third person during interviews


Despite so much promise at the onset, the prospects of the New York Knicks season are sinking fast. Sitting at 3-7, the Knickerbockers have dropped three straight games after losing a road game to the Detroit Pistons on Tuesday. To make matters worse, owner James Dolan has been on the warpath, diminishing the role Knicks City Dancers by not allowing them to dance at games and then guaranteeing a Knicks win against the Atlanta Hawks (which they did).

The thought of leaving the Knicks — which he will be able to do after this season as a free agent — probably is looking better and better for Carmelo Anthony as things with the team keep getting worse and worse.

In fact, the dysfunction may be getting to ‘Melo, as he started to refer to himself in the third person during a recent interview.

Speaking to reporters on Monday — before Tuesday’s loss to Detroit, Anthony stressed that there is no need for anybody to be worrying about him, not about the team’s struggles, his impending free agency, nothing.

“Nobody should be worried about me. I’m going to be fine,” Anthony said on Monday, according to TheKnicksBlog. “I’m not even thinking about contracts or BS like that. I’ll think about that in the offseason. Right now, my duty is to lead this team to win some basketball games, hopefully to win a championship. That’s my duty. Nobody should be worried about Carmelo Anthony.”

Whew. That’s a relief. Despite how it displays a manifestation of narcissistic tendencies for Carmelo, it’s good to hear. Because if you’re anything like me, you’ve been worrying about Carmelo so much that sleepless nights have become a common occurrence since the NBA season started.

On the other hand, maybe he’s referring to something else, perhaps a pet he’s named after himself. We never did learn his camel’s name, after all. Perhaps he’s saying no matter what, Carmelo Anthony the Camel is going to be alright, yet another thing Carmelo-related that I have been worrying about as of late.

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