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Young fan writes Jose Bautista cute note, wants Blue Jay to join Rangers (photo)


A presumably young Texas Rangers fan wrote a letter to Jose Bautista in which he attempts to convince the Toronto Blue Jays slugger to join his favorite MLB team.

Granted, Bautista isn’t a free agent, but that unfortunate technicality does little to diminish how charming — and well-written, especially how he breaks down Bautista’s contractual worth — the young kid’s efforts prove to be.

Bautista was so impressed he posted a photo of the correspondence to his Instagram account:

Impeccable penmanship, but just in case, the letter, as transcribed by Cut4:

You are a good player if you could stay healthy. Maybe you just need another city to play in. You should try the Rangers. They need another big bat and you could be that man.

David Murphy got his chance to play every day and he struggled, and I think his contract ran out.

Maybe 4 years and $80 million. At least think about it.

I was saying get Jose while the season was still going. The Rangers still have some areas to work on.

Thanks for your time.

Billy Cantrell

Heh. “If you could stay healthy.” Brilliant. This kid has got a future in a front office somewhere. Joey Bats clearly agrees, writing on Instagram, “Sweet letter from a young fan from #Texas must be a future General Manager in the making.”