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Ricky Rubio operates Kevin Love-themed love hotline in new ESPN promo (video)


ESPN’s “NBA on ESPN” promos over the years have been consistently nothing short of fantastic. Usually revolving around the hijinks that ensue as the broadcast gang travels around in an RV along with random NBA stars, the latest spot stars the Minnesota Timberwolves’ dynamic duo of Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio in perhaps the most amusing one yet.

As Love sits shotgun in the RV alongside commentator Mike Breen in the driver’s seat, the two pass by a billboard that advertises the hotline “LOVE DIAL.” Along with the number, “1-855-NEED-LOVE,” the billboard also features Love posing in a seductive pose.

And then, as soon as Love can process what he just saw, there’s another billboard for the hotline, and once again, Love is featured in yet another seductive pose.

Love then decides he needs to get to the bottom of just what is going on with these billboards, so he decides to call the number himself.

And you wouldn’t guess who answers the phone…

Yep. Ricky Rubio, that little rapscallion.

Rubio answers Love’s call with “Love Dial. Who’s ready to fall in love?”

Love says, “Ricky?”, to which Rubio responds, “Ehhh, no. Definitely not Ricky,” before hanging up.


The commercial will premiere on Friday night during ESPN’s broadcast of the T’Wolves-Denver Nuggets game.
[H/T RandBall]