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Here’s a sneek peek at Metta World Peace’s cameo in that movie with Screech (video)

A couple of weeks ago, word got out that New York Knicks forward Metta World Peace has a cameo appearance in an upcoming film, entitled, “All Wifed Out” — a straight-to-iTunes release, mind you — that boasts among its cavalcade of stars Dustin Diamond, a/k/a Screech from “Saved by the Bell.”

Of course, we have all been making paper chains, crossing off days on the calendar and spending many sleepless nights awaiting the time when we could download the film that is sure to garner serious Oscar attention come awards season.

Well, the film is available now on the aforementioned iTunes. But for those of you unwilling to plunk down $12.99 to see the entire movie, here’s a sneak peek of Metta’s cameo, courtesy of Ball Don’t Lie, that plays upon Metta’s integral role in the “Malice in the Palace.” Enjoy.