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Delanie Walker on Erik Walden’s helmeted headbutt: ‘I’ll whoop his butt again’ (GIF)


During the second quarter of the Tennessee Titans-Indianapolis Colts game on Thursday night, stuff got a little heated on the old gridiron, in particular in between Colts linebacker Erik Walden and Titans tight end Delanie Walker.

Following a Chris Johnson run, Walden and Walker began mixing it up a bit, a brief melee that culminated with Walden ripping off Walker’s helmet.

Walker, understandably upset, confronted Walden, and as the two exchanged pleasantries, a helmeted Walden headbutted a helmetless Walker. Not good.

Walker then responded, throwing a punch and connecting with Walden’s helmet, a move that never makes any sense. Because, you know, helmets are hard and very protective.

Walden was flagged for unnecessary roughness and the Colts were assessed a 15-yard penalty on the play.

Walden arguably could have been ejected for headbutt — although Walker thew a punch as well, an equally egregious offense — but both players were allowed to stay in the game.

Following the Colts’ 30-27 comeback win, both commented upon the ugly situation.

First up, a couple of GIFs documenting how things went down.

Via Deadspin:

And from another angle (via Kissing Suzy Kolber):

Walker was still pretty upset with Walden and vented following the game.

“That’s dirty play, there is no need for stuff like that in the NFL,” Walker said, according to an report. “If you’re getting your butt kicked, get your butt kicked. Don’t rip somebody’s helmet off and then head butt them. I’m surprised he didn’t get ejected.”

Walker continued.

“Dang, this is a sport we all play with each other, we’re all family, this is a fraternity,” he said. “For you to do some senseless act like that, that just tells me what type of player you are. There is no need to talk. I’m going to see him in two weeks and I’m going to whoop his butt again.”

To his credit, Walden expressed regret for his actions.

“It was a selfish act,” he said. “It could have cost my team bigger than I did. I lost my composure. It something that can’t happen. It wasn’t really something he did, it was ticky-tack. I can’t allow myself to take it that far.”

Despite his admission, Walden very well could be fined — or even suspended — for his actions. Poor form, arguably by both players, but especially Walden.