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Toronto Argonauts address Rob Ford wearing jersey when talking oral sex (pic)


Fans of admitted crack-smoking politicians everywhere are well aware of the train running off the rails and slamming into a gigantic dumpster fire that has become the debacle of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s seemingly unending fall from grace. Actually, those who are not fans of admitted crack-smoking politicians undoubtedly are aware of the ongoing disaster, so there’s really no need to rehash all the mind-boggling details. For those who do, just do a Google Search for “admitted crack-smoking politicians.” Sure, you’ll get some results about Marion Barry, but the search will yield the results necessary.

Moving on, on Thursday, Ford addressed the media to discuss accusations that he made lewd comments to a female staffer regarding oral sex. Below is how Ford responded to those salacious accusations, but be forewarned, Ford uses some pretty strong and very un-mayoral kind of language to deny everything.

Said Ford (video available here): “The last thing was, Olivia Gondek says that I wanted to eat her py**y. I’ve never said that in my life before. I would never do that. I’m happily married. I’ve got more than enough to eat at home.”

Wow. Just wow. I don’t know if Ford’s wife should take that as a rip or a compliment. Everything he says can be interpreted multiple ways. Except for admitting to smoking crack, I guess. Quite the politician, this Ford fellow.

Obviously, the quasi-sports-related aspect of the story is that Ford made these remarkably crude comments while wearing a Toronto Argonauts jersey. Not surprisingly, the Canadian Football League team didn’t much appreciate being unwittingly tied to such a salacious story, so the team entered the minefield the surrounds Ford to take up the issue on Twitter.

Nice call and well-worded. Usually, it’s a nice sign of civic unity when an elected official dons a jersey of one of the local sports teams. Unless said elected official is an admitted crack-smoking politician.

Oh, and just for the fun of it, here’s Ford looking all cracked-up or something while attending a Toronto Argonauts game some time back:


Awesome. Well, at least for non-Torontonians.

[H/T Shutdown Corner]