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Who are the ad wizards that came up with this Thursday Night Football campaign?


To call the recent run of games the ad wizards at the NFL Network have had to attempt to hype over the past several weeks  — and some may say even longer — for its Thursday Night Football broadcast as underwhelming would be an understatement. Unfortunately, when Roger Goodell announced back in 2012 that the league’s scheduling plan for the weekly prime-time game on its flagship network would lead to “every team appearing in Thursday football games and every team having a prime-time appearance throughout the season,” some clunkers were bound to happen.

But Thursday’s match-up between the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans had “stinker” written on it nearly from the get-go. But that didn’t stop the marketing gurus at NFL Network to attempt what clearly is an ill-conceived and poorly executed stab at working some Photoshop magic in order to generate some kind hype into a game no one really wants to watch, save for true NFL diehards and members of the respective fan bases.

The sad results were posted by the NFL Network’s official Twitter account on Thursday:

Good grief. There’s only one fate whoever came up with this hilariously awful attempt, and it is this:

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