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Matt Barnes uses Twitter to apologize for his boorish behavior on Twitter and court

matt-barnes-tweet Los Angeles Clippers forward Matt Barnes clearly was not utilizing that “Abort Tweet Disaster Avoidance Switch” everyone has — or should have — in their minds before he hit the “tweet” button on Wednesday night when he fired off comments that were best left, uh, un-tweeted. Barnes, after being ejected following a shoving match with Serge Ibaka during Wednesday night’s win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, expressed an alarming amount of frustration (above) about how he is tired of sticking up for his teammates, who he referred to by employing a version of the “n-word.” Barnes deleted the tweet, but the damage was done, as nothing is ever truly deleted from the Internet. Now, in order to save face with his Clippers teammates, the organization and its fans, Barnes took to Twitter — in a much more clearheaded manner — to apologize for his churlish, inappropriate comments.

  While no word has come down on whether or not Barnes will face any kind of discipline, either from the Clippers or the NBA or both, the tweets should be commended, albeit somewhat reluctantly. While half-hearted apologies are becoming more and more common in today’s world while simultaneously meaning less and less, at least Barnes owned up to it. Further, and as he mentioned, he didn’t take the easy way out by claiming his Twitter account had been hacked, an all-too-common response to when ill-advised tweets become big news, whether said hacking actually ever happened. [H/T For the Win]