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Is Tiger Woods sashaying down the slopes with Lindsey Vonn in Breckenridge? (pics)


Every time a report comes out that the relationship between Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn may be hitting the skids, the two pop up somehow, someway and in some manner that appears to indicate all is right and wonderful in their increasingly long-running romance. Most recently, it was the rumors that Vonn was “furious” with Tiger over his hesitance to commit to traveling to Sochi to cheer her on during the Winter Olympics.

Before that, it was that Vonn allegedly was spotted making out with some random dude at a concert, something Vonn quickly and vehemently denied.

And through it all there was Vonn referring to Woods as “goofy, dorky-goofy” in an interview with Katie Couric. And then there was Vonn jokingly placing a squirrel on Tiger’s shoulder during the Presidents Cup. And the dance between rumors that “all is lost” and “everything’s great” goes on and on and on. And now, according to some not-quite-confirming photos snapped at Breckenridge on Wednesday, it appears that Lindsey and Tiger are enjoying some time together hitting the slopes. A photo snapped and posted to Twitter by Olympic skier Sarah Schleper, a three-time teammate of Vonn’s makes the claim that Vonn (who can be identified) was out on a joyful skiing escapade with none other than Tiger.

And then Bode Miller, another one of Vonn’s pals, tweeted that he regrets missing out on Tiger out “on the slopes shredding it up.”

And finally, here’s a photo snapped of Tiger and someone who appears to be Vonn noshing on what appears to be some pizza in the lodge:

Very interesting. The clues are there, we just need to piece them together interpret them. It’s like a mystery wrapped in an enigma covered in ski wax. [H/T For the Win]