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Penguins fan wants Sidney Crosby to get a concussion from her headboard (pic)


Haha. It’s funny because Sidney Crosby has suffered through a litany of concussion issues over the years. But this clearly randy Pittsburgh Penguins fan believes that if Sidney Crosby should have to go through the experience of suffering another concussion, what better way to do so than during a sweet, passionate, head injury-causing session of lovemaking?

Alternatively, should she want to bed Crosby and not cause a concussion, there are a multitude of options out there that could prevent it. Say, putting some padding on her headboard. Or have Sidney wear his helmet.

Ah, what’s the difference? It ain’t going to happen, as Sid the Kid is all about the doggy-style anyway. Oh, and chances are a sign isn’t going to convince Crosby to engage in carnal relations with this young lady in the first place.

Solid effort, though, lady.

[H/T Sports Pickle, image via @penstone]