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Colorado Buffaloes men’s basketball team to hand out 10,000 strips of bacon

Piggybacking (get it?) on what the Kansas State Wildcats women’s basketball team giving out 300 pounds of free bacon to fans who attended a recent game, the Colorado Buffaloes men’s basketball team will be holding what it is calling “Bacon Fest” prior to Saturday morning’s tipoff of a nonconference game against the Jackson State Tigers.

It’s an early tipoff (10:00 a.m.), so why not hand out 10,00 strips of bacon-ey goodness to those fans who rouse themselves out of bed and show up early for the game? Yes, 10:00 isn’t that early, but we are talking about a contingent of fans that will include a high percentage of college students, those overtired layabouts.

But seriously, what’s the deal with all the bacon giveaways? Okay, there have been only two. Alternatively, both the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars and the Louisville Cardinals women’s basketball team have offered up free beer recently, an equally enticing offer. Between those two similarly tempting promotions, sooner or later, if word gets out, the world is going to think America’s citizens are a bunch of beer-swilling, bacon-eating slobs, even those folks who are not in college.


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