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Atlanta Braves closer contemplating taking a job at Taco Bell? (photo)


“Right here is where the Chalupa makes you feel like you have to go poopa.”

Clearly, Craig Kimbrel is a Taco Bell fan, just like Justin Verlander. And much like Verlander, he has been on a quite the remarkable run over the past few seasons. In 231 appearances during the 2010-2013 seasons out of the Atlanta Braves bullpen, Kimbrel has notched 139 saves to go along with an impressive 1.39 ERA.

But as we all know, job security ain’t want it used to be. In these trying and tumultuous economic times, to not take seriously any potential job opportunities is foolish and irresponsible.

And it certainly looks like Kimbrel is staying on the lookout, at least if something he tweeted on Wednesday is any indication.

It’s good to keep all of one’s options open in today’s chaotic and unpredictable job market and perhaps that is why a message on a sign at a Taco Bell announcing that the restaurant was looking for closers caught Kimbrel’s attention, perhaps only as a side job, but still.

Either that or he’s joking. It’s probably the latter, but you never know nowadays. All I do know, however, is that working at Taco Bell, while being a nice way to increase the cash in one’s wallet with a little supplemental income, it’s also invariably cause an increase to the size of one’s gut and the money spent on Rolaids. In the end, though, it probably would be worth it.

[H/T Extra Mustard, image via @kimbrel46]