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Rob Gronkowski rap song is dope, fresh, and full-on Gronk, yo (video)


In case you hadn’t noticed, Rob Gronkowski, ever since he rose to superstardom as the spike-happy tight end with the New England Patriots, has been everywhere.

Well, to be more accurate, “everywhere” may be a tad of a stretch. Off the field, Gronk has been everywhere, so long as everywhere involves an open bar, beer bongs and good times with coeds and frat boys.

And now, along with afootball clinic geared exclusively for women, Gronkowski can add another notch to his belt of notoriety: He stars and is the subject in a track from UNO, entitled, “Rob Gronkowski — Game Time” by UNO.

It’s dope, yo.

Featuring lyrics such as, “So I’m right back to it. They all love how I do it. Can’t nobody else do it like me. The game will never be the same. I’m heading for the Hall of Fame. I bet you heard the name Gronkowski,” well, uh, you get it.

While Gronk doesn’t drop any vocals on the track — which made its debut a few weeks ago but is just beginning to attract attention — he says that he does “approve this message” at the start of the song.

Word. It’s really something. The way Gronk chugs milk out of a gallon jug at the end is a truly striking visual.

All in all, a solid track from UNO, I’m sure, but in light of his moniker, I’d rather “SKIP” listening to it again, “REVERSE” time before I listened to it the first time around, even if it ends with me having to “DRAW FOUR” as a consequence.

Okay, that last “Uno” reference was unnecessary and made little sense, but you know where I was going with it.

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