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Pierre, the New Orleans Pelicans freaky mascot, is coming for our children (photo)


Pierre the Pelican, the new terrifying mascot of the re-branded NBA franchise, the New Orleans Pelicans, made quite the splash when it made its inauspicious debut earlier this season. In fact, Pierre was referred to as a “hell-spawned demon bird” on this here site, a characterization that is as accurate as it is horrifying.

Well, Pierre apparently is not content with simply providing the demonic avian spark that ignites nightmare fuel in both children and adults alike, it appears it is now coming personally after our children.

Be forewarned, evil is on the prowl.

Via Deadspin:


Oh my. What makes Pierre’s sign most disturbing is how brazen he is his dreaded attempts at ensnaring our children in his hellish web of terror. He understands we are powerless in the face of his dark power. He’s like the Freddy Krueger of NBA mascots, only he strikes in the light of day, not in the shadows of nightmares.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.