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Michigan State Spartans fan looks to ‘Usher’ in new era of dance (video)

The No.2-ranked Michigan State Spartans basketball team, along with its fans, were in high spirits on Tuesday night following the squad’s big 78-74 win over the No. 1 Kentucky Wildcats in the Champions Classic. One Spartans backer elected to exhibit his joy through the medium of dance — if you can call it that — smack dab behind ESPN’s set.

The rhythmically challenged youngster busted out his moves as the ESPN crew interviewed Spartans head coach Tom Izzo to an Usher song that I would know the name of if not for the fact that I am old, unhip and unaware of what’s going on with the newfangled music the kids are listening to today.

But in the end, this guy shows why sometimes, dancing is not the best way to express one’s joy. In fact, it almost seems like the kid is in some kind of pain. Thankfully, someone with some sense “ushered” him along, out of camera range.

Get it? “Ushered”? That’s solid stuff. Bah, you kids just don’t get good humor nowadays.

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