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KU Boobs ramping up for another titilating season and it is spectacular (photos)

For the unfortunately uninitiated and unfamiliar with the KU Boobs crazy, let’s put it this way: It’s an Internet craze that involves busty women taking photos of themselves spilling out of super-tight Kansas Jayhawks tops and posting them to the interwebs. It’s as simple as that.

The Twitter account that compiled the KU Boobs pics was the source of much controversy this past summer, so much so that the story received the noteworthy stamp of approval courtesy of a Taiwanese Animation Treatment. That means something has arrived and is deserving of our attention.

Be that as it may and how everything played out following the ensuing controversy, KU Boobs started ramping up again in September in advance of the coming college basketball season and really started to hit a stride on Tuesday night when the Jayhawks faced the Duke Blue Devils in an early season showdown during the Champions Classic.

Far be it from me to deprive my readers of some KU Boobs goodness, so please enjoy what the KU Boobs Instagram account has been up to the past month or so, especially during and leading up to Tuesday night’s game.

The above photo was uploaded in September bearing the message, “Starting the season the breast way we know how!” Indeed.

And here’s some teases that were posted in November leading up to Tuesday’s tilt:

Finally, three that were posted in rapid succession to ratchet up the intensity prior to the Kansas-Duke showdown, all with the message, “We’re gearing up for a big game tonight!”

Rock, chalk, Jayhawk, God Bless America, or what have you.

(all photos via Instagram)