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James Harden dealing with foot injuries, here’s a look at–GAH! (photo)


Houston Rockets dynamic superstar James Harden admitted this week that he is dealing with some nagging injuries in not one, but both of his feet.

And while Harden said that no procedures will be necessary, his gimpy feet are causing him issues on the court, and he may need to make some changes to how he prepares for and plays in games.

“I have decisions to make as far as practices and limiting myself and things I can go hard at and things I need to sit out,” Harden said, according to a Houston Chronicle report.

Harden added that the foot issues flare up especially when the team has games scheduled on back-to-back nights.

“It’s very difficult,” he said. “ Any game is difficult – just the way I move and cut and do things. It’s tough but like I said, once the game starts and the ball is thrown in the air, I am focused on what I need to do to help my team win. Adrenaline kicks in, but after the game, I really feel it.”

With those nagging foot injuries in mind, a photo has started to make its way around the Internet that provides compelling — and horrifying — evidence of how Harden’s feet are completely wrecked, messed-up and gnarly-nasty.


GAH! Make that Quintuple-GAH! — one for each toe — along with a “What the heck is going on with that appendage?” for good measure.

It looks like he got his foot caught in a belt sander and his toes got all ground down or something. One would expect Harden’s endorsement deal with Foot Locker — including his horribly delightful singing performance on “Harden Soul” — would put the basketball player in line for some Orthotic inserts or something, free of charge. Because those bad boys are one hot mess.

It appears this disturbing foot condition may be a consequence of being an NBA superstar. Last summer, a photo surfaced of LeBron James modeling his deformed feet hit the interwebs. Truly disturbing stuff.

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