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Some wisenheimers drew a huge penis on Cincinnati Bearcats’ football field (pics)


On Tuesday, with a fresh blanket of snow covering Nippert Stadium, the football home of the Cincinnati Bearcats, some phallic-obsessed pranksters made a rather crude drawing of a penis that stretches the entire length of the field.

Ha. College.

There really isn’t much to add to the visuals — what am I really supposed to add? Judge its accuracy? It’s artistic compensation? How “ballsy” of a move it was? –other than that according to a Rick Chandler piece on Sports Grid, this giant dong drawing in the little used artistic medium of snow is something of a time-honored tradition at the University of Cincinnati. Good to know. Keep tradition alive at all costs.

With that in mind, here are a few more photos establishing that not only are phallic-inspired drawings — especially in such a large scale —  an infallible means of artistic expression, to believe otherwise would be fallacy of reasoning. I just like how “phallic,” “infallible” and “fallacy” all kind of sound the same. Stupid, but hey, this is a post about a ginormous penis being drawn in the snow on a football field.

cincinnati-bearcats-penis-field-1 cincinnati-bearcats-penis-field-2

The last one is especially crude. Bravo.

One last thought: Given the field’s name, Nippert Stadium, wouldn’t it be more apropos to draw some huge boobs? Just saying.