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Washington Wizards fan rocks awesome Hogwarts jean jacket at game (photo)


To be honest, I never got swept up in the Harry Potter craze, but even I can appreciate the wonderfully appropriate attire sported by a person who presumably is a Washington Wizards fan. If he were a 76ers fan, it wouldn’t be as perfect, so let’s go with that assumption.

Rocking a jean jacket bearing the Hogwarts emblem, this guy had some great seats as he attended the team’s visit to Wells Fargo Center to take on the Philadelphia 76ers.

He has to be a Wizards fan, right? Had he been a Sixers fan, perhaps some other work of the written word would have been emblazoned upon his jean jacket, although none come to mind. Given the nature of Philadelphia’s NBA team’s name, perhaps some young adult book set in revolutionary times or something. With vampires or werewolves or some such nonsense. Has a book like that every been written? I don’t know.

Anyway, assuming he is a Wizards fan, he had the opportunity to enjoy his team beating the 76ers by a score of 116-102, a magical road win for the Wiz, if you will.

[H/T For the Win, image via @BigAlGeiger]