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Vine video: Seneca Wallace throws like Napoleon Dynamite’s Uncle Rico (video)


Originally, I was leaning towards not writing up a quick post about this Vine video, but after watching it over and over, it got to me. The argument made in it became not only compelling, but convincing.

Utilizing a clip from “Napoleon Dynamite” and splicing it with video of Seneca Wallace, the current starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers (sorry, Cheeseheads), throwing a pass during Monday’s night loss to the Chicago Bears proves unequivocally one thing:

Wallace throws the football exactly like how Uncle Rico thew that steak when he drilled Napoleon riding his bike. On at least one occasion.

Good stuff. But can Wallace throw a football over a mountain? I bet he can’t. One NFL scout has deemed Wallace “horrible,” and if a quarterback is horrible, there’s no way any mountain peak-clearing passes are on the horizon.

I bet Aaron Rodgers could do it, though.