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Unreal touchdown may be the best screen pass play in the history of football (video)

And the above title of this here post? There is nary a sniff of hyperbole in it, nor an ounce, if weight measurements are more your thing. This amazing touchdown run from a high school football game very well could be the single greatest screen pass play in the history of football.

Mount Pleasant High (R.I.) already was up 14-0 on East Greenwich High (R.I.) with three seconds remaining on the clock in the first half of a game that ultimately turned into a 42-0 rout.

That’s when Mount Pleasant called a screen play from its own 32 yard line. And then? The magic happened.

Watch as Mount Pleasant’s star running back Randolph Zleh takes the seemingly innocuous screen pass and runs with it … literally. East Greenwich fell right into the trap, going with an all-out blitz. Zleh takes off and seems to cover about 300 yards on what ultimately turned into an epic, 78-yard touchdown scamper. Zleh takes the ball all the way from the left hash to the right sideline before, after being bottled up, reversing field and ultimately going in for the score, presumably exhausted.

Yep, arguably the greatest screen play in the history of football. Sure, there may have been better ones, but did it pop up on YouTube recently? If so, pass it along.

[H/T Prep Rally]