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Blackhawks fans steal Adam Pardy’s helmet, then dump beer on his head (videos)


Winnipeg Jets defenseman Adam Pardy had a rough go of it during Wednesday’s game with the Chicago Blackhawks at United Center. With the Blackhawks up 4-1 late in the third period, Pardy was run into the boards in the corner and the force of the check knocked the glass partition off its moorings, sending a tumbling Pardy into the waiting arms of some rabid ‘Hawks fans.

While attempting to gain his bearings, Pardy had his helmet pried off his head by a very cocksure — and/or slightly inebriated — Blackhawks fan.

To make matters worse, after Pardy’s protective headgear was forcibly removed, another Blackhawks fan proceeded to pour beer on him.

Welcome to the neighborhood.

And an edited video of the kerfuffle that further highlights Possibly Slightly Inebriated Blackhawks Fan Guy’s exploits:

It sure look like he enjoyed the prize obtained from his plunder, as he proudly placed the helmet atop his head like it was some kingly crown gained through a hard-fought, knightly melee. You know, instead of the drunken antics of a quick-thinking, possibly drunk, hockey fan.

But in the end, some semblance of order was restored, as Pardy’s helmet reportedly was returned to him later.