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ESPN anchors get skin-tight uniforms in new ‘SportsCenter’ spot (video)


If there’s one thing ESPN can be counted on to do with remarkable consistency and success, it’s coming up with brilliant commercial after brilliant commercial in its long-running “This is SportsCenter” series of promos.

In the latest one, set to premiere on-air on Thursday night, “SportsCenter” anchors are presented with new, skin-tight uniforms that Jay Harris explains are just some of the “big changes” occurring at The Worldwide Leader in Sports” in order to “keep up with technology.”

And these big changes apparently begin — and hopefully, for the anchors, end — with some spiffy, ├╝ber-tight, suit-like spandex uniforms.

The commercial clearly is making fun of the alternate uniforms craze that has taken the sports world by storm, especially in college football (we’re looking at you, Oregon Ducks):

Good stuff. But sadly for ESPN, the bar may have been set too high with the unparallelled excellence of the spot in which John Clayton is depicted as a slacking, Slayer-loving layabout. It doesn’t get much better than that one.

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