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Tiger Woods admits he was nervous during transcontinental tee shot (video)


Tiger Woods performed one of the more interesting shots in golf history on Tuesday when he hit a tee shot off Turkey’s Bosphorus Bridge from Europe into Asia off the as part of a publicity stunt for the Turkish Airways Open.

Woods admitted afterward he was nervous about the entire thing, saying he was worried an errant shot would drill some car.

Said Tiger: “It was nerve-wracking because the wind was off to the left and oncoming traffic was off to my right. If I lost it to the right at all, I’m going to hit some car. I hit some pretty good ones, which was nice. If I missed it, I missed it left.”

Good call. I wish I could miss it left on errant tee shots. Although I must admit that I have the same problem, And yet, when it happens to me, it’s only if a fairway runs parallel to a course’s parking lot on the right (which I refer to as “Slice Zone”), not in front of curious onlookers and throngs of media. No way in heck my knees wouldn’t be knocking in that situation right before I take the club back and spray one right into traffic, causing a massive pileup.

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