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PGA Tour star Brandt Snedeker suffered leg injury when hopping off a Segway


Chalk this one up as another example of how professional athletes, considered some of the fittest, most athletically gifted people in the world, can injure themselves — sometimes fairly severely — while doing the most mundane of tasks or activities. Baseball players are notorious for suffering bizarre injuries, and now, the world of golf can claim to have athletes — and yes — in this day and age, given how hard many of them train, golfers should be considered athletes — who hurt themselves in strange ways as well.

Brandt Snedeker has been forced to withdraw from Australian PGA Championship after he apparently injured his leg while hopping off a Segway on Monday while attending a corporate outing at the Sheshan International course in Shanghai, China.

Snedeker evidently jumped off a Segway during the corporate event and landed awkwardly.

Despite the relative hilarity of how a grown man can hurt himself in a Segway-related mishap, the damage is nothing to be joked about: Snedeker reportedly suffered a strained ACL in his left knee and bruised his left tibia. The timetable for his return is expected to be anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months. Yeesh.

Segueing into a Segway reference, there’s pretty much only one thing to do at this point:

Yep, that’s too easy. But nevertheless amusing.