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On Dolan’s orders, Knicks City Dancers didn’t dance during Tuesday’s game


More or less confirming reports that New York Knicks owner James Dolan has cast the Knicks City Dancers in the role of scapegoats and the objects of his ire in light of the sluggish start of the basketball team, the aforementioned dance crew didn’t perform one dance routine during the Knicks game against the Charlotte Bobcats.

Not one performance. The Knicks City Dancers were seen a few times, but mainly during player introductions and when the ladies threw t-shirts into the crowd.

That makes sense.

The New York Daily News did a fine job recapping the Knicks City Dancers’ relatively uneventful night:

— Two timeouts, no sign of the dancers.

— Officials’ timeout, 8:23 left in the second quarter: six dancers out for a fan contest, holding up cards denoting how much money a fan could earn in a shot contest. Half-court shot would’ve been worth $10,000. Six girls, six signs (one held the dollar sign.)

— Knicks’ timeout, 6:15 left in the second: Two dancers escort Monsignor Scanlan HS and Gauchos coach Dwayne Mitchell to midcourt. John Starks presents him with a jersey.

— Bobcats’ timeout, 2:56 left in the second: DJ performance, six dancers out tossing T-shirts into the crowd, their most strenuous work of the night.

— The Knicks were down 10 at the break and booed off the court, but the dancers didn’t appear to cheer them up. They didn’t come out on the court at all during the halftime intermission.

— Three timeouts, no dancers.

— Bobcats’ timeout, 10:30 left. Finally some dancing, only this was a Dance Cam showing some dancing fans.

— Officials’ timeout, 5:26 left. Six dancers were on T-shirt tossing duty again.

— Knicks’ timeout, 48.2 seconds left. More T-shirt tossing.

Why doesn’t Dolan re-brand the crew the Knicks City Standing-Around-ers? Or the Knicks City T-Shirt-Throwing Girls?

To make matters predictably worse, the Knicks lost to the Bobcats by a score of 102-97, likely lighting the fuse on Dolan’s temper and possibly creating another opportunity for Dolan to unleash his rage on some other group of Madison Square Garden employees.

But who’s next? Who will incur Dolan’s wrath this time? What group of employees unrelated to the Knicks’ on-court struggles be the next victims of Dolan’s knee-jerk reactions?

My guess is it might be the folks who mop up player sweat and keep the court dry. Until the Knicks turn it around on the court, as far as James Dolan is concerned, players can slip-and-side-and-fall all over the court for all he cares.