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DeMarcus Cousins sets pick, takes nasty crotch-shot from Dennis Schroder (video)


During the Sacramento Kings’ 105-100 loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday, DeMarcus Cousins was on the receiving end of a pretty egregious fist to the crotch from Hawks rookie Dennis Schröder as he set a pick for point guard Isaiah Thomas.

Some believe that Schröder may be receiving a call from the NBA league offices and a possible fine and/or suspension, as it appears there may have been some intent in the rookie’s shot to Cousins’ groin area.

Either way, ouch.

Shaquille O’Neal posted video of the incident to his Instagram account, commenting, “Is this FLAGRANT OR A LOOSE BALL FOUL. GET IT”:

According to Cowbell Kingdom, Cousins complained about the play following the game (hopefully while presumably sitting on a bag of ice), telling reporters: “I took a cheap shot to my lower area,” Cousins said. “They (the refs) just blew it off.  I guess because it was me.  But as soon as something happens on the other end, because it’s me, they run to the camera.”

As you may recall, Cousins was suspended for one game without pay last season for his shot to the crotchal region of O.J. Mayo.

If Schröder doesn’t receive a similar punishment from the league, Cousins will probably see it as yet another shot to the nuts.