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Caron Butler fined $15,000 by NBA for ‘Big Balls Dance’ celebration (photo)


Milwaukee Bucks guard Caron Butler has been fined $15,000 by the NBA for what the league has deemed an “obscene gesture” during a 105-98 win over the Boston Celtics at TD Garden on Nov. 1.

Butler’s supposed “obscene gesture,” commonly referred to as the “Big Balls Dance. Former point guard and current Washington Wizards assistant coach Sam Cassell commonly is credited for popularizing the move, but has since drawn the ire of NBA brass and subject to fines even before Butler was docked $15K. San Antonio Spurs player Marco Belinelli was similarly fined $15,000 last May when he whipped out the “Big Balls Dance” when he was a member of the Chicago Bulls.

Brooklyn Nets center Andre Blatche also was fined fifteen grand earlier this season for his interpretation of the “Big Balls Dance.”

Evidence of Butler’s so-called obscene gesture follows.


And a GIF, via Beyond the Buzzer:

The move seems relatively harmless in the grand scheme of things — albeit a somewhat crude demonstation — but the NBA certainly appears hellbent on getting it out of the league. It appears that a player needs a big set of balls to pull off the “Big Balls Dance” these days. And some extra cash to boot.